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We invite you to try new things, connect with others and experience fun, learning and friendships, as well as invest in yourself by discovering new techniques for overall wellness. We offer a variety of exciting events, new classes and have lots of great new announcements each month. Follow along and join in the fun!


Mind and Body Vitural Classes  Available NOW!

Virtual Classes - a perfect way to keep your brain and body strong and healthy. 9 classses $20

One Class - $5

Login into your MindBody app or click here to go to the webiste:


Build bone strength with impact activities. All forms of physical activity will help keep your bones fit and may rereduce the risk of falling. Stimulate your bones through fun activities.

* Walking, Skipping  or take a Hike

* Pickleball or Tennis

* Lifting Weights or Jumping

(Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.)

Use Body Weight in a Functional Manner

Choose movements and exercises that mimic daily life activites such as:

* Stair Climbing

*Loading & Unloading Groceries

*Carry Luggage During Trips

TUESDAYs and THURSDAYs in October

Classes available TUESDAYs and THURSDAYs

10:30am - 11:30am

Join us

Balance and Core on Tuesdays


Total Body Conditioning on Thursdays

Focus on POSTURE

Be sure to sit and stand strong!

Avoid letting you head fall foward. Tuck you chin a little to keep the head elvel.

Think about your posture when you are sitting and standing. Keep feet on the floor, slightly apart, about shoulder-width. Avoid locking your knees. Keep your shoulders aligned with the rest of the body.

Take action now to improve YOUR posture!


Engage in "Brain Gym" Movements

Move in ways that connect the left and right sides of the brain, such as, crossing the midline. Moving an arm or leg across the middle of our body to perform a task. Examples below:

* Change Hands for Activities

* Throw or Catch

* Kick a Ball




Discover A New And More Active You

Memberships are available to all senior community members aged 55 and over. SilverSneakers and Silver & Fit memberships are accepted. Drop-in and single class rates are also available.